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Son of a Poacher

Thank you all for all your support and visiting my website. If you have received your book and read it I would love to hear back on your thoughts about the book. I plan on writing a second book and have already started the book. It will be primarily about true stories of a Wyoming game warden and follow my journey as a Wyoming game warden starting where book number one ended. I’m very excited and hope you all follow along with me in the second book. Personally I think the next book will be better than the first. The first book I wrote for personal reasons, the second book I want to tell some great stories of my life as a Wyoming game warden. Thanks for all your support!!



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Hello everyone just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for purchasing my book and or subscribing to my website. If you have read my first book Son of a Poacher Wyoming Warden in the Making i would


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