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"The tales in Son of a Poacher II are as raw

and potent as a shot of whiskey!"

-John B. Snow, Shooting Editor, Outdoor Life


"SCOTT WERBELOW'S ADVENTURES as a game warden will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a must read."

-Jim Zumbo, Former Hunting Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine


"GAME WARDEN SCOTT WERBELOW in many ways reminds me of C.J. Box's Joe Pickett, only in his instance a real person and much better storyteller.

-Larry Weishuhn- "Mr. Whitetail"

"THE TAILS OF SON OF A POACHER II are as raw and potent as a shot of whiskey. if you've ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of a Wyoming game warden, this book is for you.

-Larry B. Snow- Shooting Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine

So, are you still wanting to be a Wyoming Game Warden?

This second non-fiction book written by Scott C. Werbelow continues the autobiographical journey of a goal-driven young man who never gives up the dream of becoming a Wyoming Game Warden.  The story picks up where Scott’s first book, Son of a Poacher - Wyoming Warden in the Making, leaves off.  The years of preparation, rejection and soul-searching continue to shape the future of a man in pursuit of his life-time goal. Now come the years of utilizing the skills and testing the day-to-day mettle of a man who hopes to prove to himself and the Wyoming Game and Fish that he has what it takes.

Readers are going to love the recounting of the author’ s actual on job experiences, dealing with all the things a game warden does.  With every turn of the page comes a new adventure with challenges that keep on coming until there’s no time to rest.  Scott’s masterful writing style brings a greater understanding to the awesome opportunities and the never-ending responsibilities of a warden’s job.  Not missing in this book, is the author’s humor which allows for a light-hearted read and further enjoyment.

Scott currently serves as a Wyoming Game Warden and Game Warden Supervisor in Western Wyoming. He resides in Meeteetse, Wyoming and is the Game Warden Coordinator for the Cody Region which encompasses the entire Bighorn Basin.


Scott Webelow

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