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"So, just how bad do you want to be a Wyoming Game Warden?"

This non-fiction book written by author Scott C. Werbelow takes the reader on an

autobiographical journey from his earliest memories of growing up on a remote

Wyoming Ranch, to his first day on the job as an "Official" Wyoming Game Warden nearly 20 years later.


As the son of a man who has difficulties facing life, with it's responsibilities of marriage and family, Scott grows up not understanding his Dad's behavior, even obsession, with poaching wildlife and abusing alcohol.

When hunting with his Dad involved activities that Scott inherently knows are against the law, he determines to 'make things right' by becoming a Wyoming Game Warden.

After his parent's divorce, his father becomes virtually absent in his life. Scott's mentors become his

Step-Father, older Brother, Grandparents, reclusive Sheepherders, Coaches, and Teachers.

These people help mold Scott and guide him on his life's amazing path.

The fulfillment of a life-long dream to become a Wyoming Game Warden required years of preparation, hardship, frustration, rejection and soul searching.

Then, a random occurrence tilted things in Scott's favor and gave him a chance.

This inspirational story relates the early childhood and growth of a young boy growing up in Wyoming.

Scott's life experiences prove how a goal-driven person can accomplish anything and succeed at life

through a willingness to work hard and never give up.

Scott has served in the capacity of a Wyoming Game Warden & Game Warden Supervisor for the past 25+years. He currently resides in Meeteetse, Wyoming (pop. 327) and serves as the Game Warden Coordinator of the Cody Region which encompasses the entire Big Horn Basin in northwestern Wyoming.


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